How to enlarge your penis: 12 ways at home and with a professional

Signs of increased penis size

One of the most frequent queries on Google regarding medical topics concerns penis enlargement. However, for medical reasons, only 20% of men in the world undergo this procedure. In other cases, the problem is purely psychological.

If a man of normal size feels that his organ is too small and he is always thinking about how to solve it, this is a type of mental disorder. Experts call this condition a syndromedysmorphophobia.

A man with body dysmorphic disorder may feel anxious and depressed, even becoming deeply depressed. During that time, he in every way isolated himself from society, especially from women.

small penis size

If you have a normal size but can't help but feel that your penis is too small, you need to seek special psychological help. A person in such a condition needs support to return to a normal, fulfilling life and stop focusing on a non-existent problem. Treatment often includes antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

What penis size is considered normal?

The normal size of the penis at rest is from 7 to 13 cm, when erect it is from 12 to 20 cm.

Penis size at rest less than 6 cm and erect size less than 9 cm are defined as micropenis. This pathology is diagnosed at birth.

What about the size being too large? Should we be jealous of their owners?

The man with the largest penis is American actor and writer John Falcon. His penis when erect reaches 34. 3 cm. By the way, the impressive size of his body brings John a lot of inconvenience: it is difficult for him to find a job - many companies do not want to hireAn actor became famous in this way. In addition, a man is often stopped at the airport for additional checks, confusing the actor's dignity with contraband.

What determines the size of the penis?

First of all, the size of the penis depends on genetic data. An interesting fact is that the Y chromosome received from the father affects the fertility of the future man, and the mother's X chromosome determines the length and diameter of the penis. In addition, some other factors affect men's size:

  • The amount of androgen hormone in the mother's body during early pregnancy.
  • Effects of some drugs during the embryonic period.
  • Testosterone levels during puberty.
  • Inadequate nutrition for the fetus in the womb and during the first years of life.
  • Unfavorable environment, the body is exposed to harmful substances during childhood and adolescence.
normal penis size

Is it possible to enlarge your penis and how to do it

Be careful - scammers!

Nowadays, the Internet is full of offers about means to enlarge the penis. Manufacturers of ointments, gels, tablets and creams compete with each other to find out how you can increase penis length by buying their miracle products. All this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Most of them can only increase blood flow and enhance erection. But this effect only lasts for a short time and ends immediately after stopping using the product. And of course, the original size remains the same.

After reading fake reviews and spending money on questionable products, at best you will be left with nothing, at worst you will receive unwanted consequences. And if you come across a recipe for penis enlargement using soda, stay away from such advice! The only thing you can get from such lives is health problems.

Are there any methods to enlarge the penis at home?

Let's consider the most popular methods to answer the question: how to enlarge the penis without surgery at home.


The description of this technique shows how to enlarge the penis with massage, which you can do yourself by stretching, rotating and squeezing the penis with your hands. Those who follow this training promise to increase the length of the penis by 1 - 2 cm. In general, this technique differs from ordinary masturbation only in that it is performed on a semi-erect organ and does not leadto ejaculation. Information about the effectiveness of jelqing is based on reviews on questionable websites and fake studies. In fact, there is not a single official study confirming the positive effects of jelqing. But it's entirely possible to suffer from penile injury, erectile dysfunction, or actual mental disorders without getting any results.

Vacuum pump to increase penis size

Vacuum pump

The principle of operation of the pump is based on creating negative pressure inside it, thereby increasing blood flow to the capillaries and arteries of the penis. There are several types of pumps:

Instructions for using pears

Air is pumped out manually by pressing on the bulb. The simplest and most inexpensive model.

Instructions for use with pump

Instead of a light bulb, a small pump is used for convenience and to pump air faster.

Automatic pump

Runs on rechargeable battery. Air is pumped out automatically.

Hydraulic pump

The penis is massaged with water, the water will fill the pumping space. In this case, the liquid replaces the air and is also pumped out. More suitable for use in the bathroom.

The opinion of experts about the use of pumps is that it does more harm than good. Penis size will increase for a while due to swelling, but the effect does not last long. But prolonged and frequent compression of this organ can lead to fissures, bleeding and erectile dysfunction.

penis enlargement device

Expansion kit

This is an orthopedic device that, when worn, physiologically stretches the tissues of the penis in length and width by 1-3 cm. It should be worn 3-6 hours a day for several months. You should start with 30 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time to 30 minutes a day. The device includes a ring that covers the base of the penis, a ring that stabilizes the tip, and a holder to measure the stretch of the organ. The elastic element is present in strap or vacuum form. The latter is considered the most convenient. You can wear the extender both at home and at work. Active functions of the extender:

  • Dosage prolongs the physiology of tissues.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Stimulate growth.
  • Increase the size of the penis.
  • The disadvantage of the device is that it must be worn for a long time.


A device similar to an extender in function but more compact. There are two types of stretchers: ring and vacuum. This device is easier to wear but often causes complications in the form of circulatory problems due to strong compression of the head. All these devices work on the same principle: the tissue of the penis is stretched due to the load, which naturally increases its size. But all of them did not bring significant results.

Injection technique

Recently, the method of penis enlargement using hyaluronic acid injections has become very popular. Biogel based on hyaluronic acid has been shown to be effective in cosmetic surgery of the male genital area. With the help of these drugs, you can solve many problems related to the appearance and functioning of the penis. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used to safely change penis size, compensate for missing volume where needed, and also to enlarge the head of the penis. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The only disadvantage of this method of changing penis size is its fragility. Over time, hyaluronic acid is absorbed. The effect of the procedure lasts for 1-2 years.

Penis enlargement injections

How to increase penis width

Collagen matrix

Its operating principle is to install two pillars into the shaft of the penis with a cut at the urethra position. Collagen pillars trigger the formation of additional connective tissue. The matrix itself dissolves within 3-6 months and its own tissue forms in its place. The postoperative period lasts 2-3 months.

Gel implant

The implant is placed between the skin and the shaft of the penis, causing it to thicken. This type of operation is reversible. The implant gel can be removed if necessary. For now, this method is considered experimental.

Cut the ligament

Penis enlargement surgery is the only proven and effective method to correct penis length. The size achieved after surgery is maintained for life. Lingamentotomy is performed not only for medical reasons but also for cosmetic reasons. Contraindications to the use of this surgery are bleeding disorders, diabetes mellitus, infectious diseases, and cancer. It is performed under local anesthesia or combined anesthesia.

surgical indication

How does lingamentotomy occur?

During surgery, an incision is made in the ligament connecting the penis to the pubic bone, thanks to which this organ lengthens by 3-5 cm. The process lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, recovery timeabout 1 month. .

In the postoperative period, it is mandatory to wear the extender for 4-6 months, 3 hours a day. This recommendation is important in achieving the desired results. The extender must be worn according to the regimen recommended by your doctor.

So, we talked about effective methods for penis enlargement and how to avoid falling into the hands of scammers. All methods require significant financial costs and time effort. Nowadays there is no free and easy way. Think about this - is it worth using such complicated, time-consuming and expensive methods if your size is normal or at the lower limit? A harmonious sexual life does not depend on the size of the penis, but on the personal qualities of its owner and, of course, on the relationship between sexual partners, and men's dignity is not measured bycentimeter.