Plastic surgery to enlarge the penis, how to lengthen the penis with implants

With modern medicine, practically nothing is impossible. This is especially true for the appearance and size of different body parts. When analyzing statistical data, the results show that 30% of men at least once thought that penis enlargement would be very good.

Dissatisfaction with penis size can lead to sexual dysfunction and psychological problems. And if size matters, you should consider seeing a plastic surgeon.

Male dignity tends to increase in size. In some people, the penis in a state of excitement increases by 1. 5 times, and in others by 4-5 times. Seeing someone surrounded by a penis bigger than yours, you don't need to be upset, because it's not a fact that you won't outrun your competitors in an erect state.

Features of operation

Penis lengthening surgery

Doctors say such surgery will soon become common practice in many clinics, as acting as a trial not only gives excellent results, but works well for male audiences of medical facilitiesBeauty.

Manipulation to change the size of the penis is one of the most popular operations in the field of cosmetic surgery. They allow you to meet the patient's needs for the desired size of the penis, eliminate existing violations in the sexual sphere, maintain and improve the quality of intimate life.

Penis lengthening technique: Surgical penis enlargement can be done both in length (enlargement of the penis) and width (thickening of the penis). These are two different activities.

Thicken the penis with silicone and gel implants

Penis lengthening is a popular trend in plastic surgery. And even the fact that this is a rather complicated surgical intervention does not stop men. Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that the partner is not impressed, despite the long, but thin penis.

Indication for operation

Preparing for penis enlargement surgery

As a rule, increasing the thickness of the penis is the exclusive initiative of the owner of the penis. From a medical point of view, it is advisable to interfere with the laws of nature only when the penis does not reach 3-4 cm in diameter.

The average size of the penis is considered to be between 12 and 15 cm when erect. At the same time, in the normal state, there is a significant difference in length and size. Male complicity in penis size of insufficient length and width is common all over the world.

Before deciding to increase penis size, you need to consult with your doctor. Only some patients really need surgery.

Any qualified medical center practitioner will endeavor to prevent such a responsible step if manipulation is not necessary.

Types of Implants

The medical profession offers several ways to change the thickness of the penis. One of them is a transplant. There are 3 types to choose from:

  • Inflatable;
  • lubricating gel;
  • hard sale.
Penis implant

The peculiarity of the gel implant is that it has a pocket, thanks to which the material is located under the connective tissue.

The procedure is carried out using a special tool - a pusher. The risk of displacement is eliminated with the help of an eye that is attached to the white part of the penis.

Helium implants are not only popular among surgeons but also among patients of cosmetic clinics.

Their advantages are:

  • penetration of the gel through the shell is excluded, even if the insert is accidentally broken;
  • no sensation of a foreign body in the penis;
  • refusal is excluded due to the fact that the gel is hypoallergenic;
  • non-genital pathogens.

Main features

The main features of the penis thickening operation are:

  • exclude complications that can lead to sexual dysfunction;
  • simplicity of the process. For the surgeon, the intervention is comparable to circumcision;
  • short hospital stay (24 hours);
  • changes in the volume of the penis not only in a state of excitement, but also in a state of rest;
  • the permanent nature of the results. The other things. the penile body will not return to its original state after a while;
  • the ability to remove an implant without harm to health in the event that termination is required.


Consult a doctor before penis enlargement surgery

Penile lengthening surgery is not recommended for people with:

  • cancer;
  • psychosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • genital infections;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • Acute and chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.

If psychosis is an absolute contraindication, some illnesses are relative. In some situations, doctors recommend that you see other doctors to get the right treatment for the treatment of concomitant diseases.

After the body was restored, and from pathological conditions, these contraindications became irrelevant, and plastic hypertrophy was possible.

Preparation process

Before having plastic surgery to increase the penis, you must:

  • undergo an electrocardiogram of the heart;
  • pass general urinalysis, general blood test and biochemistry;
  • blood test for clotting;
  • ensure that syphilis, hepatitis C and HIV are free;
  • determine the Rh factor and blood group;
  • Seek advice from an anesthesiologist.

For 12 hours before the activity, do not drink or eat. In the morning, it is important to thoroughly wash the urinary organs and the groin area!

Post-surgery process

After surgery, the patient needs:

  • regularly perform dressings;
  • take anti-inflammatory and pain relievers;
  • exclude sex for a month;
  • adhere to restrictions on physical activity.

Possible complications

After surgery, there may be slight bleeding, increased pain sensation. If the stitches are not cared for properly, an infection can occur.

Reduced glans sensitivity, penile curvature and erectile dysfunction are extremely rare in patients.

How much is a big dick

Doctor receives money for penis enlargement surgery

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost? The price depends on the type of surgical intervention and the type of implant chosen.

The desire to increase the volume of the penis is based on a subconscious level, when a man likely does not want to "fall into the hole".

Penis lengthening surgery not only gives a man a fulfilling sex life but also relieves many guilts, provides emotional support, and changes his quality of life in the face of increased self-esteem.

However, we must not forget that this operation is technically complex. It requires not only a highly qualified doctor, but also expensive endoscopic equipment, a hospital presence. Therefore, it is necessary to take a very responsible approach to choosing a clinic and a surgeon.